The “Feed the Need” Campaign:

The Coronavirus pandemic is already having widespread impacts on our local East End economy. Many people who have never before needed assistance are finding themselves lacking the financial resources to weather this economic storm. The medium income in our area is one of the lowest in the county because of low wage seasonal employment in service industry jobs.

Feed the Need:

  • Is a unified effort of business people, government leaders, concerned community members and others to raise funds to address both the rapidly growing food insecurity of the region as well as other issues that may arise due to the pandemic.
  • Will use collective marketing expertise to launch a broad and compelling marketing campaign to raise awareness and request donations to Feed the Need, along with relationship driven fundraising.
  • Will offer multiple, simple ways to donate to the campaign – both online, direct to pantries, by check to both AFTEE and the AFTEE Fund at the Long Island Community Foundation.
  • Will provide transparency and clear reporting on the distribution of funds.

Economically secure residents want to help, but are unsure which agencies they should donate to. A patchwork of local not-for-profits exist, but only serve small catchment areas. Many residents want to help local workers, but they may not realize that these workers often live in neighboring towns and commute because of a dearth of low and moderately priced housing. The bulk of our area’s workforce lives outside of the area commonly referred to as “The Hamptons,” necessitating a regional approach to fund allocation.

AFTEE’s “Feed the Need” campaign aims to raise $1 million through a massive coordinated appeal. All food pantries on the east end are automatically members and can request immediate assistance.