We’re an organization like no other working for a community like no other.

The East End of Long Island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful communities in the world. And for those who live, work and visit here, we feel very lucky. All For The East End (AFTEE), is working to support what we have and preserve it for the future by supporting the NPO community. And you can be part of this effort.

Who We Are

We’re a unique 501(c)(3) organization with a singular mission: to help, support and showcase the nonprofits that make the East End a place unlike any other. Our community prospers in so many ways by our social service, cultural, ecological and educational organizations. But, our local groups have all taken hits to their budgets. We want to help by attracting new funds and support for today and for tomorrow.

What We Do

By publicly showcasing and supporting the over 1000 organizations in the five East End towns, AFTEE will be a unifying voice, leveraging strategic assets of collaboration and its regional brand to raise awareness, rally support and launch a new era of fundraising and organizational integration.

Our “Fund for the East End” and grant process is managed by the Long Island Community Foundation (LICF) to ensure transparency. They administer fund disbursement of profits obtained through AFTEE’s efforts.

An Advisory Board, comprised of representatives from the non-profits of the East End towns, help guide AFTEE to understand the unique needs of organizations who support the East End, and what can be done in return to help support them.

A Grant Advisory Committee consisting of one representative from each of the five East End towns – Riverhead, Shelter Island, Southampton, Southold and East Hampton – works with LICF staff to review submitted proposals and recommend organizations to receive funding.

Who We Help

Any 501(c)(3) organization that meets best practice standards for charities and has substantial programs and/or services (50% or more) provided annually in one or more of the East End towns of Riverhead, Shelter Island, Southampton, Southold or East Hampton is eligible for a grant.

With a fundraising target estimated at a minimum of $50,000 each year and 1,075 registered 501(c)(3) organizations in the East End towns, AFTEE’s efforts could easily benefit more than 100,000 people.

To find out more about AFTEE or our grant process, contact us.

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